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Skurio Solutions

The Skurio Digital Risk Protection platform is a fully automated solution that searches the surface, deep and Dark Web for breaches of critical business data and potential cyber-threats to an organisation. The solution offers protection to customers from risks and threats to revenue, reputation, and regulatory compliance, to keep them safe and minimise damage and costs from a breach.
Learn more about our new partnership with Skurio here.

PenTera Solution

We provide in Portugal Automated self-learning Penetration Testing Platform, modelling hackers’ thinking process into machine language. Creating effective virtual hacker opponent that constantly test the organizational infrastructure in new ways to find real exploitation and weak points to provide prioritized remediation options with meaningful reports and alerts, where everything is automated and in real-time.

Fidelis Solution

The solution contains three different components, combined in the Elevate platform that centralizes and correlates the data. The joint use of the Network, Endpoint and Deception products provides a complete and in-depth view of the infrastructure, including the vulnerable attack surface. Fidelis integrates, automates and orchestrates capabilities such as asset discovery and classification, network traffic analysis, data loss prevention, endpoint detection and response, and honeypots / breadcrumbs to deflect the attention of potential attackers.

BitDam Solution

Email, shared URL’s, file attachments, cloud drives and new digital communications are transforming the way we work. They are also the most accessible entry point for advanced content-borne cyber attacks. All it takes is a malicious attachment, URL and an unsuspecting user to put enterprise assets at risk. BitDam seamlessly integrates with your security infrastructure, delivering advanced attack protection for email, storage and more. Easy, fast deployment. No changes required to processes, policies or rules.

Harmony IoT Solution

Harmony IoT solution offers small and non-intrusive Smart Protects that continuous monitor the activity of all smart connected devices in the companies’ airspace and mitigate threats when identified. The Smart Protects are quick and seamless to deploy, requiring no access to the network or assets and are completely independent, agentless, and out-of-band. Harmony IoT dashboard allows you to control what goes on in the organization’s airspace, with the ability to monitor activities, set policies and react to threats.

Nelysis Solution

Nelysis protects organizations from new cyber-threats, 0-day exploits and targeted attacks on Physical Security elements and Control Systems networks, in real time:
Video Surveillance | Access Control | Intrusion Alarm and Sensors | Fire Alarm | Radars | I/O controllers.

Detect, warn you and prevent cyber threats on Physical Security and Control System networks.

About Us

DIGITALSKILLS - Consulting, Lda has the ambition to be considered as one of the most respected companies in the field of information security in the national and international market.
Our team has a great experience as well as training and certifications in the most varied areas of security in order to provide our clients with a service of excellence.

The provision of consulting and auditing services in information technology and technological training that satisfies the strategic objectives and training needs of our clients, building knowledge and adding value to your business.

Our vision is to recognize Digitalskills as an organization providing consulting, auditing and training services using best practices and methodologies for systems management and information security.

Our Services

We are a Consulting and Technological Audit company with a strong emphasis on Information Security. In fact, we offer services that allow our clients to have their information secure against potential incidents and security attacks.


Our Audit practice helps our client to identify potential risk, namely, Technical Vulnerabilities through one-off or Persistent Penetration Testing, besides, recommendations and support to mitigate the identified issues.


We support our clients in the implementation and adoption of controls used to effectively reduce the risk. Based on the deep knowledge and experience of our team we help companies to implement Information Security Management Best Practices and Standards.


Organizations tend to invest in Technology and Processes but the weakest link is People. Thus, it is essential to assure the balance between these three elements of Information Security.

Other Services

Complex and peculiar problems deserve a multidisciplinary answer. Our specialized and crosswise know-how allows us to respond in a more assertive way, building synergistic teams to give answers to the most complex and critical challenges.



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